Patchwork Persian Rug 9'10"x6'11"

Patchwork Persian Rug 300x213

The colours of each carpet look different depending on the side from which you look at it. You can see the carpet from different perspectives in the images below:
(click on the images below for greater detail)

  • Discount Price: £459 sale
  • Retail Price: £2870
  • Rug Code: nmdp0006-1232
  • Size: 9'10"x6'11"
  • Thickness: Medium (5-10 mm)
  • Age: 0-20 (New)
  • Origin: Iran/Persia
  • Pile - Warp: Wool on Cotton
  • Knot Density: approximately 120.000 knots per m²
  • Rug colors:

Patchwork Rugs : Patchwork rugs are made of pieces of different rugs that are cut and sewn together. The art of these carpets comes from ancient times. The final surface of the carpet can be made up of many different patterns, geometric shapes, people, animals, etc. Recently, Patchwork has been widely disseminated as it is considered a new and modern art form.

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