The Journey of the Three Wise Men from Persia

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sale Afshar - Sirjan 7'1"x4'1"
£975 £175
sale Afshar - Sirjan 7'10"x4'9"
£1407 £253
sale Kashan 12'6"x9'1"
£4740 £853
sale Ardebil 10'2"x6'11"
£2970 £534
sale Qashqai - Kilim 10'2"x5'6"
£720 £129
sale Kashan 10'11"x6'4"
£3932 £708
sale Qashqai - Kilim 10'8"x5'5"
£751 £135
sale Bakhtiari - Qashqai 14'2"x5'1"
£1699 £305
sale Qashqai - Kilim 11'5"x5'2"
£770 £138
sale Afshar - Sirjan 8'3"x4'11"
£1376 £247
sale Mir - Sarouk 12'9"x9'2"
£4414 £795
sale Qashqai - Kilim 10'10"x5'4"
£755 £136

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