The Journey of the Three Wise Men from Persia

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sale Lori - Gabbeh 7'8"x4'11"
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sale Gabbeh - Qashqai 6'6"x3'5"
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sale Gabbeh - Bakhtiari 5'6"x3'2"
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sale Gabbeh - Bakhtiari 5'5"x3'1"
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50% Gabbeh - Qashqai 6'7"x5'0"
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sale Gabbeh - Bakhtiari 4'11"x3'5"
£499 £225

Gabbeh Rugs

Gabbeh in Farsi means natural, primitive. Rugs and rugs with this name are woven by the nomads Qashqai who roam about, or in villages in Southwestern Iran where they live. The yarns are processed and twisted by hand, painted with herbal colours and woven with a wool warp up to 2 cm thick. These rugs are simple, with few designs, or monochrome. The simple, linear designs with animals and human figures give them a contemporary look. Various names are given to Gabbeh rugs such asBasic, Amalehbaft, Kashkooli, Luribaft and Sumak. Gabbeh Kashkooli is a rug with high knot density and thinner than ordinary Persian Gabbeh rugs. The Persian Gabbeh is very durable and its quality is very good.