The Journey of the Three Wise Men from Persia
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Saddle Bag
30% Lori - Saddle Bag 4'1"x3'3"
£574 £402
30% Jaf - Saddle Bag 3'2"x1'10"
£258 £181
30% Jaf - Saddle Bag 4'0"x3'0"
£524 £366
30% Qashqai - Saddle Bag 1'4"x1'0"
£128 £89
30% Jaf - Saddle Bag 5'4"x3'5"
£732 £513
30% Jaf - Saddle Bag 4'3"x3'2"
£578 £405
30% Baluch - Saddle Bag 1'6"x1'2"
£131 £92
30% Baluch - Saddle Bag 1'9"x1'4"
£136 £95
30% Qashqai - Saddle Bag 1'8"x1'2"
£152 £106
30% Qashqai - Saddle Bag 1'6"x1'1"
£129 £91
30% Qashqai - Saddle Bag 1'5"x1'3"
£130 £92
30% Qashqai - Saddle Bag 1'9"x1'3"
£151 £106

Saddle Bag Rugs

​Horse saddle bags are made by Nomads for their own use. One can distinguish between the kilim-horse saddle bags and the knotted horse saddle bags. The front side of a knotted horse saddle bag is either knotted like a common rug with knots or different mixed techniques are used. The colours horse bags are dyed with are all natural and made by the Nomads themselves. Bags like these once carried everyday necessities for travelers on donkeys or horses. A delightful piece of art that provides a unique oriental atmosphere to your home. Horse saddle bags can be used as a seat cushion, as a floor cushion eg in front of your fireplace or as a wall decoration. Smaller horse saddle bags can be used as a newspaper holder to store newspapers or magazines when slung over a chair or sofa.