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sale Patchwork - Kilim 8'5"x5'4"
£1893 £303
sale Patchwork 7'1"x4'10"
£1435 £230
sale Qashqai - Kilim 10'2"x5'6"
£720 £115
sale Patchwork 7'11"x5'10"
£1956 £313
sale Qashqai - Kilim 10'8"x5'5"
£751 £120
sale Patchwork - Kilim 7'9"x5'8"
£1852 £296
Qashqai - Kilim 11'5"x5'2"
£770 £123
The rug is reserved
sale Qashqai - Kilim 13'1"x5'10"
£1084 £173
sale Patchwork - Kilim 6'7"x4'11"
£1386 £222
sale Qashqai - Kilim 11'3"x5'1"
£742 £119
sale Kilim Fars - Qashqai 13'8"x5'4"
£891 £142
Qashqai - Kilim 11'4"x5'4"

CarpetU2 - Handmade kilims

Kilims are considered a classic yet timeless choice for the interior decor. A handmade kilim can provide a feeling of hospitality due to the fact it can combine an older decoration style with a modern one. Regardless of the style of each space, a kilim can stand out and give a sense of intimacy. A kilim can be lying on the floor, hung on the wall, layered on the couch or on an armchair. Search through our collection for handmade kilims in exclusive offers and complete your purchase through our safe payment interfaces.